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Introducing Golden Path


Golden Path Academics Vietnam Joint Stock Company (GPA) was established in 2011 (formerly known as the Golden Path Academics Vietnam Co. Ltd, ). GPA is an education services company specializing in the fields of English teaching, skills training and American overseas education consultancy founded by Hien Thu Dao, a Harvard University alumna as an Executive General Manager. 

For the consultancy services, the largest difference of Golden Path is built according to the model of American college counseling: We approach students from their first grade in high school or earlier to help them orient, specific and implement overseas study plans, monitor those progresses and advise them to fully exploit their strengths. After completing grade 11, we help students to choose appropriate majors and the best-fit schools as well as make sure they will succeed in the progress of applying to American colleges. Also, GPA has activities to support secondary school students who want to pursue the high school education in the US. 

For the training services, Golden Path is a professional English center for people from all walks of life. The largest difference of Golden Path in teaching English is that our training programs come from practical situations and academic life. This will give people both knowledge and qualification through English, improve the quality of learning and promote deep integration into the US and UK cultures.     

Besides that, GPA is an organization as well as a partner of domestic and foreign organizations in the fields of training English and soft skills, organizing local and international summer camps.


Helping international students reach their full potential


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