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College Timeline for Students in Grade 11

Preparing for a U.S. College While in High School – for Students in Grade 11
By GPA Admin

College Timeline for Students in Grade 11

Maintain your grades during Grade 11. Colleges will value progress that you've made between Grade 11 and Grade 10. As well, your grades from these two years matter in scholarship consideration.

Discuss with your teachers or college counselor:

  • How to enroll in Advanced Placement courses (if available in your country)
  • Study for the SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT and AP exams and what the benefits are to you for taking these exams.
  • How these exams benefit you as a student applying to study in the U.S. and determine which ones you will take.  You can change your mind later.
  • Preparing for the exams and registering in plenty of time.
  • Reviewing your academic record, identifying its gaps and weaknesses, and finding out what it takes (in addition to your GPA and test scores) to strengthen your possibilities in getting accepted by the colleges of your choice.


Find out the schedules for the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Test, ACT and AP exams if you will be taking them.  


Visit your schools of interest via the web or at study-abroad fair in order to further refine your school list


Know your schools' deadlines and requirements. Register to take the TOEFL and SAT in May or June. Keep in mind that taking standardized tests at this time will allow you to retake the tests if needed.


Start asking your teachers if they would write recommendation letters for you.  Think about what you would like them to say about you and how they can present you in these letters.


Update your file with new report cards, test scores, achievements, etc.  

After June

Practice writing online applications without submitting them, focusing on the essay portions and thinking about how you would like to present yourself.  Mention your extracurricular activities. Review your practice applications and ask your parents, teachers, etc. to check your essays for grammar, content, readability, etc. 

Decide if you would like to apply for a college’s early decision or early action programs.  Applications must be sent typically between October and December and acceptance is usually given by January 1st.  Many early decision acceptances are legally binding, meaning you are required to attend if accepted, therefore it is advised to only apply by early decision to the school of your first choice.  

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