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How to get in off the waitlist?

If you are on a waitlist and still interested in getting into the schools, there are certain steps you should follow.
By GPA Admin

How to get in off the waitlist?

Swift action may be required if you are going after waitlist spots or trying to improve financial aid offers. Make sure to heed all deadlines for notifying admission offices of the desire to remain on a waitlist.

What should you do if you receive a "Waitlist Letter?"

You want to ask yourself these questions: 1. Should I remain on their waitlist? 2. Do I want to put in the extra effort it will take to let them know I'm really interested in them? If your answer is no, write them a nice letter declining to remain on their waitlist.

How can you get in off the wait list?

Here's what to do:

1. Update your profile adding positive events from your senior year like: an updated transcript, awards, research projects, graded paper, published articles, outstanding achievements, athletic accolades, and new leadership roles.

2. Return a letter indicating you are interested in remaining on their waitlist and press your point on how much you can contribute to the fabric of their freshmen class.

3. Meet their deadlines including completing all financial aid documents and medical requirements.

4. Look at your list of acceptances and make a deposit to secure your dorm to your second choice college. If you do get accepted off the waitlist, send a letter to this college withdrawing your acceptance, or else you will lose your deposit.

5. Be ready to deposit to your waitlisted college and remember it may take until after the May 1st deadline before you hear from your waitlisted college.


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