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What Should You Do About Housing in School?

In the U.S., most schools provide student housing and will require that undergraduate students live on campus for the first two years. Graduate students, however, can choose to live off campus in a rental apartment.
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What Should You Do About Housing in School?

Housing Application for Undergraduates

As an undergraduate student, you are almost for a certain going to live in a dorm. Once you have paid the deposit, the school will send you information about housing. You are expected to fill out an application letting the school know that you are interested in a dorm room and what your preference might be.

Some dorms are co-ed, meaning boys and girls share the same building, while others are girls-only or boys-only. Some dorms are suite-style, meaning you share one apartment with a few other students and you have your own bathroom inside the apartment. Other dorms are just a resident hall with small rooms that you share with another person of the same gender and a community bathroom on the floor for many residents to use. Housing applications are usually due in early May. Be sure to submit this on time to ensure you have a place to live when you arrive on campus.

Renting Off Campus

This option is available to students in junior and senior years (third and fourth years), and can save you money, especially in smaller urban areas and suburban towns. Renting off campus means you can share spaces with classmates or friends and bring down the monthly rent. Please know that if you rent off campus, you will have to be responsible for finding a place, signing the lease with the landlord and paying monthly rent. The school will not be involved at this point. Many landlords who own residential spaces near schools are used to renting to students, so they will be fairly easy to work with, however. When renting from a private owner, you are expected to pay the first month's rent upfront and putting down a deposit equal to the last month's rent. That amount will go to covering your last month's rent when you move out.

Options For Graduate Students

Since you are not required to live on campus (and usually you’d live in student housing, not “on campus” anyway), look into the various choices for accommodations on-campus and off-campus. Remember to ask for information and assistance from the international student office at the institution. For more details on the various choices, advantages and disadvantages of certain types of housing, refer to the article How to Choose a School.  Additional information and references to housing can be found in other articles in our Guide.

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