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You’ve Got in, Congratulations! But...

You have worked hard and now you are in! We know you should kick back a little and enjoy your accomplishment at this point. But just a few more things we want you to think about before taking off for the summer!
By GPA Admin

You’ve Got in, Congratulations! But...

Pay the Deposit

The acceptance letter should indicate when and how much you should send in as an enrollment deposit. This amount will go towards your tuition payment later on, but the school wants you to send it as an indicator that you are planning to attend. So only send a deposit to a school that you are serious about attending, even though most schools will refund if you change your mind.

Submit Remaining Documents

The school usually lets you know what you need to submit but if they don’t you should ask. In general, this is when you are expected to submit a Financial Form letting the school know how you intend to pay for your education. The form will ask that you should Proof of Funding (see below) if you do not have scholarship offers that cover the full cost of your tuition and room and board. The school needs this information in order to process the paperwork necessary for you to get your I-20 (see article on Student Visas).

Get Proof of Funding

Your proof of funding may consist of any or all of the following:

  1. Grant/scholarship letters: If you have been awarded a scholarship and grant from any organization, it is important to obtain letters from the institutions granting these awards as soon as possible.  Refer to the Golden Path Guide for more information on scholarships and grants for international students
  2. Generate financial proof for family contribution: This is often an official bank statement, proof of employment and salary or proof of other assets such as your parents’ businesses. Some of you might have submitted this to the school already. Be sure to save a copy for the visa application.

One important thing you should note here is: It is not about how much your family has, but rather whether your family can pay the cost of your first-year in school. So let’s say the cost of the first year is $42,000. You get $5,000 from the school in financial aid. Then all other documents together should show you have $37,000 to cover the remaining amount. So, if your family’s bank statement has $35,000 – almost enough right? – the school will still ask for that $2,000 to issue paperwork you need for your visa.

Apply For a Visa

To study in America, you need a student visa. Please read our article on Student Visas to learn more about the procedures. As well, because application procedures differ from country to country, it is advisable to contact the nearest United States embassy or consulate for application forms and procedure information.

For additional information regarding student visas, visit the U.S. Department of State Website for Student and Exchange Visitors at http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_1270.html

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