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Auburn Montgomery's English Programs

Auburn Montgomery's English Programs

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Why Study at Auburn Montgomery?

  • A highly regarded ESL program - Our Intensive English Program provides exemplary English language training for international students. 
  • An acclaimed academic program - Auburn Montgomery is consistently chosen the best university in the region by area residents. Among the reasons: We offer undergraduate students more opportunities to conduct research and publish their work than most universities. 
  • Big campus benefits with a small campus feel - Auburn Montgomery is a traditional university comprised of schools of Business, Education, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Sciences With programs of study in more than 90 areas. But the campus is small, safe, and friendly.
  • Small classes and personal attention - Auburn Montgomery is home to 5,800 students and takes pride in the fact that faculty members get to know their students. 
  • Cutting-edge programs - We're serious about creating degree options that reflect the needs and interests of our students and employers. That's why we created programs like Storage Area Network Center of Excellence, which teaches IT students to manage networks that store vast quantities of digital data. As an international student, you can choose to pursue a degree here that will prepare you for jobs here or at home.

ESL Program

  • Open to individuals 16 years of age and older
  • All ESL students first take a placement test to help us determine their current skill level and identify the coursework they need.
  • Courses are taught at five proficiency levels: Beginning, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Once your proficiency is determined, an advisor will meet you to help you select your courses.
  • ESL classes normally have 8 to 14 students and are held throughout the year in 8-week terms. 
  • Students can start 4 times a year
  • Students study the following courses for a minimum of 22 hours per week in an 8-week period.
  • Depending on their proficiency levels, students may be placed into different levels of these courses.
  • There are three courses in general:
    • Listening and Speaking
    • Reading and Discussion
    • Grammar and Writing 

Other Engligh Programs

Auburn Montgomery offers extensive services to those wanting to learn English or improve their mastery of the language:

  • Communicative English Course are designed to help you speak confidently and effectively in a variety of everyday survival situations.
  • TESOL Certificate Program is a Teacher Training Program that enables individuals to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to Teach English.
  • ESL and TESOL Online Courses give you the opportunity to learn English on the web at your convenience.
  • English Language Academy Summer School is designed to help K-12 students to develop the skills to academic success

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