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Career Orientation and School Selection Mentoring

Career Orientation and School Selection Mentoring

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Have you ever wondered why?


There are many excellent students in Vietnam who have achieved high grades at school, good history of extracurricular activities but they are not accepted to top-notch schools in their wish-list.

Success always comes from proper career orientation and suitable school selection

With the porpotion of 100% students applying to U.S. colleges successfullly, Golden Path Academics (GPA) has become the golden standard for American colleges counseling. After evaluating student’s hobbies, talents and expectation together with referring to MBTI test score, we will advise students on their carrer’s orientation and assist them to find out the most suitable field of study.

We will help you

The school selection will be considered due to below criterias:

  • Academic achievements
  • Histoty of extracurricular activities: Community service and sport
  • Student’s goal for career and their favourite fields of study
  • Working experience
  • Family’s financial capability
  • Student’s requirements of area and ranking of the schools…


The last school list consists of SAFE group, CORE group and REACH group. It is a consolidating list, including information of admission requirements, scholarship programs, the full aspects of the schools with its students and staffs.


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