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Effective Workplace Writing (EWW)

Effective Workplace Writing (EWW)

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Course is designed for manager and officer who work in the environment using English for communicating, which helps them understand communication styles through written, develop writing skills including writing documents, letters and reports in English in an effective, accurate and convincing way.

Taught by experience counselors graduating from renowned universities such as Harvard, Mount Holyoke, University of Chicago, the course will help students overcome Vietnamese’s common weaknesses when communicating through written and writing in English. Through this course, students will also improve overall writing skills for personal and professional purposes. By the end of this course, students will learn how to develop writing tone and the ability to write with purpose, be competent in professional text editor and confident in communicating in writing.

Course objectives:

  • Understanding necessary elements to communicate effectively in writing
  • Understanding writing styles depending on purposes and having tools to make effective communication via written
  • Overcoming the Vietnamese’s common weaknesses when communicating in written, becoming more confident in writing English
  • Understanding the communication style in writing by native speakers
  • Developing writing skills including writing letters, documents and reports in English in an effective, accurate and convincing way


Course Number of sessions Hour/session Session/week Time
EWW 12 1.5 2 months


  • Teachers, who have passed the hiring and training process of the GPA, have certificates in international pedagogy.
  • Methods of teaching and qualifications are qualified for the program.
  • The proportion of foreign teachers: GPA arranges in accordance with the curriculum.


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