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English for Leaders (EFL)

 English for Leaders (EFL)

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English teaching course 1 to 1 for companies’ senior leaders is specifically designed based on the needs and the level of students and will be taught by native teachers.

English for Leaders course is to help students improve listening and speaking skills, expand vocabulary and structure, consolidate English grammar to serve for working purposes and communication. Every situation as well as the context of communication in English is created through conversation, video, audio, illustrations to embed students in English environment, thereby they can naturally perceive knowledge and practice them.

In particular, participants will have the opportunity to build confidence in areas such as leadership, assignment, company organization, presentation, negotiation, making business call, building relationship with customer, interview, writing letter, advertising and corporate culture. Students will become familiar with a lot of situations and language knowledge pragmatic and useful for work and discuss business matters. Students will become familiar with a lot of real situations and know how to use language effectively in these circumstances, which is very useful for work and business discussion.

The course uses two sets of Cambridge books including Business Goals and Communicating in Business. These modern materials are very convenient for usage.

Training Objectives:

  • Improving listening and speaking skills, expanding vocabulary and structure, consolidating English grammar to serve for working purposes and communication of business leaders
  • Building a source of management English words which has high applicability and can be used immediately for work
  • Developing the ability of reflex communication and expand vocabulary
  • Improving ability to pronounce and hearing natives coming from different places
  • Expanding the knowledge of culture and society from the English-speaking countries in the world which is necessary for effective communication


Course Text book  Hour/session Time
EFL Business Goals + Communicating in Business 2 hours 36 hours
(equivalent to 36 sessions )

Cost is inclusive remuneration for native teachers, costs of designing and preparing lessons, the cost of making test questions and marking, transportation for faculty, costs of learning and teaching materials for students during course.


  • To be consistent with the goal of training and trainees, Golden Path Academics Company will provide senior lecturers who have rich practical experience and high expertise in the teaching content. Detailed history of teachers are provided to customers.

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