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English Test Preparation

English Test Preparation

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Comprehensive support

Students usually reach the highest SAT scores when they are good at English, develop a thorough background of high school knowledge, have good thinking and frequently read or write in English. Therefore, GPA designed one of the most optimal SAT preparation program to fully capitalize on this opportunity. The SAT Prep Program of Rockit Online includes: small group SAT preparation and complementary skills of English writing, reading and thinking (through courses such as the English and Critical Thinking or the Foundation of Essay Writing).

The SAT classes of Rockit Online usually have no more than 5 students, which is designed to help teacher focus on the needs of individual students and have more time to correct their assignments. Following small group model, we can organize regular classes and ensure flexible schedule which better meet the needs of all students.

The combination of classroom training and self-study

To achieve high score in SAT, all students have to practice a lot on their own, and should record the results of self-training routine in an effort of detecting weaknesses that students need to overcome. When using services of the Rockit Online, each student will attend classes with a teacher directly and simultaneously receive a self-training ePrep account level 1 with a 1-year expiration day. Published by ePrep – an American organization on education, ePrep account includes 4 full graded tests, more than 1300 lectures from the most basic concepts to test strategies and tools to learn new words.

Besides, to support students with their English skills, they will participate in the Foundation of Essay Writing course and the English and Critical Thinking course compiled by GPA. These courses will help students:

  • Developing the ability of reading, comprehensive understanding, speaking and writing in English at high level.
  • Developing critical thinking skills and coherent presentations in English.
  • Broaden knowledge in the domain of science, society, politics and culture.
  • Increasing the ability of reflection and information processing, strengthen confidence

Establishing and maintaining the habit of reading and following daily news in English.


To meet the needs of careful preparation for TOEFL / IELTS, we will organize classes in the form of small groups. Students can study online through webcam with Rockit Online or study in 2 places in the center of Hanoi. In a purpose of helping students find effective solutions but also cost savings, GPA will hold classes in small groups and collaborate with experience teachers such as Ms. Giang, Ms. Hoa or other foreign teachers specializing on IELTS. By doing this, we do not tend to cram students for the examination by extending courses from one to others, which other test pre centers usually do.  

New Courses & Update