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Essay Writing for Postgraduate Application VND 21,000,000 ($1000)

Essay Writing for Postgraduate Application

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Our Word: Be Unique. Make a Great Impression.

Nowadays, more and more high-achieving international students submit college applications with perfect test scores and excellent GPAs. The essay (or personal statement) is becoming one of the most important tools for U.S. universities to assess, select and accept outstanding candidates.

Thus, the investment of time and thoughtful preparation into the ideas, tone, expression and structure of the essay is vital to students applying to top universities in the U.S. 

If you would like your essay to be read and given feedback on by graduates from top universities such as Harvard, Columbia and Wesleyan University.

If you would like to bounce ideas and get help explore them from those who have had 5-10 years of experience in the fields of journalism, finance and business?

How We Can Help

When students come to GPA, you will get help developing ideas, work on drafts, structure and refine the essays until they really express what you want to say. We work with students 1-on-1 weekly to ensure they get our full attention!

  • We help students develop essay ideas and narrow down to those they are most passionate about.
  • We then work with them to complete a portfolio of essays that not only best express those ideas but also set them apart from others with similar grades and SAT scores.
  • We work with students on both Common App and supplemental essays.
  • We also coach student to optimize recommendations from teachers and guidance counselors.
  • Finally, we track student’s progress and provide regular updates to parents.


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