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Extracurricular Activities2

Extracurricular Activities2

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“I am concerned about the development orientation of youth these days: how to support students with practical experiences, to motivate their more contribution to the community.”          

                                                                                              (GPA Manager Ms. Dao Thu Hien)

The purpose of GPA’s curricular activity program is not simply to help student with good study records. We want to create a young generation of Vietnam who is not only good at learning, but also have good thinking and their own opinions, do not hesitate to pursue their own passion and want to contribute to the community. These talented students with their comprehensive development and outstanding extracurricular activities are always appreciated anywhere, especially in American universities.

We will help students

 According to the American model of education, GPA will plan details about the activities that students should participate in during high school and support them to successfully implement it. We will create an environment for young people to share their thinking, discuss outstanding issues and sharpen rhetorical skills. Besides that, students will be encouraged to build their passion in community activities as well as discover and assert themselves early.

1. Social activities

GPA's students - Hoang Linh Chi and Ngo Thuy Tien - Co-founder Heart Connection

2. Individual development

GPA's students - Dao Huong Giang& Pham Quynh Chi - at Vietnamese Youth Model United Nations

GPA's students - Hoang Lan Chi - take part in summer camp in Germany


3. Sport, Art and Music

GPA's students - Mai Thuc Duy - a member of  basketbal team, handball team.

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