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Online SSAT Prep with ePrep

Online SSAT Prep with ePrep

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Improve Your Skills, Prepare Effectively for Future SAT and ACT

Our goal with ePrep is to prepare you well for SSAT. The test is an important stepping stone before you take your SAT and ACT. Many private schools consider SSAT for admission. Each course features engaging, professional, and personalized instruction, available to you 24/7 through on-demand videos and interactive lessons.

Each ePrep Package Includes:

  • 3 full-length practice tests with online scoring
  • 450 video lessons explaining every answers on the tests
  • All year-long Access!

Our Course Available at Middle and Upper Level

 We design the SSAT for students in grades 5 through 11 and administer the course on two levels:

  • Middle for students currently in grades 5-7
  • Upper for students currently in grades 8-11

We Help You Focus

  •  Keep your record throughout your course
  • Show you which test questions you missed for each specific subject lesson.

We Help You Understand

Every test you take "lives" online. In an ePrep exam room, you can:

  • Enter your answers
  • Get your tests graded
  • Watch the teacher explain every answer

We Help You Improve Your Verbal, Reading, and Math Skills

  • Challenge your mastery of vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and ability to relate ideas logically.
  • Give you plenty of practice on solving arithmetic, elementary algebra and geometry, and general number concepts problems
  • Improve your reading comprehension of written passages.
  • Upgrade your writing skills on assigned subjects.

At a Low Price

At just $150, you will have access to this great practice tool!

To sign up, please send payments to GPA using one of these payment options AND email us your email address, full name and date of birth in order to receive an account. 



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