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Orientation for Study Abroad Preparation

Orientation for Study Abroad Preparation

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Discover and assert yourself early

When considering admission application, many universities in the United States not only focus on academic performance but also look for students who actively participate in community activities and have an appropriate investment for themselves passions.

Following the American consulting model, we will analyze the capabilities and aspirations of students to make plan for extra-curricular activities and learning time at school from grade 8, grade 9 to grade 12. Students will take a comprehensive development in both physical and cultural aspects during the last 4-5 years in high school. When the admission season in grade 12 finally comes, with the history of quality performances, specific results and interesting stories, the application preparation is just simple steps before students receive the prestigious scholarships to enroll in top universities in the United State

Our help includes:

  • Consulting effective learning  method to improve outcomes in school
  • Improving English proficiency (listening, speaking, reading and writing) with courses designed especially for students who want to prepare for study abroad. Click here for detail information.
  • Consulting strategies and preparation for standardized exams: SAT, TOEFL / IELTS. Click here for detail information.
  • Developing thinking ability of students on issues related to political, social and cultural aspects. Click here for detail information.
  • Identifying individual talents, interests and passion of students to guide them to favorite extracurricular activities, especially ones are beneficial for society. Click here for detail information.
  • Instructing students to focus on successfully developing outstanding factors of individuals which impress college admission officers.
  • Consulting how to build relationships with teachers, schools, and individuals to assist students in the admissions process.
  • Supporting students to find transition opportunities from high school to private school in the United States.
  • In grade 12: instructing how to build strategies for preparing application, selecting school, writing essay, and applying for scholarship.

Our professionals with decades of experience in the education sector will suggest students with the best choice of classes, schools and curricular activities, both in Vietnam and foreign countries. We will ensure the planning for study abroad of students are best implemented by periodically updating, timely consulting and  support students to solve arising problems.  

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