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The Language Company English Programs VND 29,085,000 ($1,385)/ session (4 weeks)

The Language Company English Programs

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Why Study at TLC Language Centers?

  • High-quality English lessons
  • Frequent, flexible start dates
  • Life in safe, secure, traditional cities, in the United States
  • Campus and off-campus location choices
  • Many special programs
  • Homestay program and airport pick-up service
  • Year-round recreational and cultural activities
  • Average class size of ten students
  • Academic Placement Service

English Programs

Intensive English

TLC’s academic Intensive English Program is carefully designed to help students achieve language learning goals. The standard Intensive English Program meets Monday through Friday. The equivalent of twenty-five 50-minute lessons is offered each week. Classes include structure and speaking, reading, writing and electives. The optional sixth lesson a day may be used for homework, lab, or test study.

The benefits of TLC’s Intensive English Program

  • An English language placement test to accurately determine the level of study
  • Thirteen four-week sessions per year
  • Unique, optional sixth hour daily at no additional cost
  • Nine levels of study in the standard program
  • Additional levels in Advanced English for post-graduate study

Semi-intensive English

The perfect program for students who want to sharpen English skills with high quality English instruction but at a more manageable pace of 3 hours/day.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees per 4-week session

Intensive Program (25 lessons per week)

Semi-Intensive Program (15 lessons per week)

1 Session (4 weeks) US$1,385

1 Session (4 weeks) US$880

2 Sessions (8 weeks) US$2,770

2 Sessions (8 weeks) US$1,760

3 Sessions (12 weeks) US$4,155

3 Sessions (12 weeks) US$2,640

4 Sessions (16 weeks) US$5,540

4 Sessions (16 weeks) US$3,520

5 Sessions (20 weeks) US$6,925

5 Sessions (20 weeks) US$4,400

6 Sessions (24 weeks) US$8,310

6 Sessions (24 weeks) US$5,280

7 Sessions (28 weeks) US$9,695

7 Sessions (28 weeks) US$6,160

8 Sessions (32 weeks) US$11,080

8 Sessions (32 weeks) US$7,040


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